New Annuals and Perennials for 2020

Presented by George Papadelis
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Troy, MI 48083
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The May Meeting was recorded and we have a handout for you to use so you don’t have to take notes. HANDOUT

Winners from 2019:

Alstroemeria Mulan
These spectacular plants were bred for pot culture but make outstanding bedding plants and cut flowers…sometimes perennial. Full Sun

Calibrachoa Cabaret Pink Star
One of the most popular new calibrachoa last year…covered with flowers. Compact.

Salvia Skyscraper Pink
One of several new salvia last year. Calyx and flower are different in color. Loved by hummingbirds. About 2’ tall

Salvia Skyscraper Orange

Salvia Rockin Fuchsia
More tidy habit than some of the other new salvia. Intense fuchsia coloration. Beautiful foliage too. Blooms all summer. About 2-3’ tall


Nepeta Neptune
Blooms from Summer until Fall in full or part sun. Exceptionally large flowers, Compact, upright plants at 10-12” tall


Agave Snaggle Tooth
Slow growing addition to the succulent collection. Thrives in full sun. Protect from freezing.

Begonia Top Hat Series
New series in 2019 featuring enormous flowers on 16-20” tall (20-24” wide) plants. Boasts the largest white flowering fibrous begonia available.

Begonia Top Hat Rose Bicolor…New for 2020

Begonia Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya
Vibrant, orange, cascading flowers and chocolate foliage. Tolerant of shade or FULL sun.

Begonia Canary Wing
Dragonwing begonias are very popular because they perform effortlessly in a broad range of environments…while providing lots of bang for your buck. This is the same EXCEPT it requires shade AND it has gold foliage.

Begonia Amerihybrids
Huge double flowers above elegant green foliage. Blooms all summer long in shade.

Begonia AmeriHybrid Roseform Pink
Just one of the new colors we will be offering in 2020

Begonia AmeriHybrid Roseform Salmon
And another……

Begonia AmeriHybrid Picotee White Pink
One more

Begonia AmeriHybrid Picotee Lace Red
And another

Begonia boliviensis Funky Scarlet
Begonia boliviensis Funky Light Pink
Caladium Burning Heart
Suitable for full shade or full sun if adequately watered. More substance and thicker leaves to withstand the hot summer sun. Lasting color all summer long.

Calibrachoa Minifamous Neo Double Orange Tastic
One of several new double calibrachoa for 2020.

Calibrachoa Uno Double Plum Tastic
And another

Calibrachoa Minifamous Neo Violet Ice
One of many new single calibrachoa. Icy blue flowers with dark blue centers

Calibrachoa Cabaret Diva Orange
Vibrant burnt orange and gold bicolored flowers on compact, floriferous plants.

Coleus Stained Glassworks Velvet
Unlike most vegetatively propatated coleus, this one will likely not tolerat full sun. Grows about 18” tall

Coleus Colorblaze Wicked Witch
This one will thrive in sun or shade. Grows about 15-18” tall

Coleus Heartbreaker
Compact grower for full sun to shade. Grows about 12-15” tall and wide

 Colocasia Black Swan
Large, slightly ripped leaves on plant up to 4’ tall and wide. Thrives in sun or shade. Great in pots or beds.

Cosmos sulphureus Mandarin
Underused species. Compact grower for full sun. Electric orange flowers all summer. Only 10-12” tall.

Dahlia Happy Days Cherry Red
New color is the series. ALL feature vibrant flowers above dark foliage. Height: 18-24”. Darkest foliage in more sun

Dahlia Sincerity
Enormous bicolored flowers on plants growing about 24” tall. This will be popular in 2020.

Dianthus Floral Lace Red
Unlike older genetics, these dianthus bloom all summer long. There are several colors in the series already. Full Sun. Grows about 15” tall.

Beacon Impatiens…. with Downy Mildew resistance
Imara Series…also resistant but to a lesser degree
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Orchid Blush
One of the new colors in the Sunpatiens series. Grow these in FULL or part sun. Outstanding performers

Impatiens (New Guinea) Roller Coaster
Unique semi-double flowers. Best in shade to part shade but will tolerate more sun with more water

Nemesia Honey Bicolor Orange Flame
Cold loving annual with unique bicolored flowers. Best used during cool weather like a pansy. Grows about 10” tall. Full or part Sun.

Petunia Headliner Dark Saturn
Crazy, bicolored cream and black flowers. Grown from cuttings…not seed. Full or part Sun.

Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy
Unique bicolored violet and white flowers with interesting white “stars” throughout.

Grown from cuttings.

Petunia Surprise Tie Dye Violet
Unique flowers of white with varied blue edges.

Petunia Midnight Gold
Double flowers of black and gold. Samples were VERY popular in 2019. Grown from cuttings.

Petunia Supercal Lavender Star
A new variety in the Supercal series featuring lavender and white starred flowers. The same outstanding vigor and performance as the rest of the series.

Petunia Supercal Bordeaux (‘19)
Very popular in ‘19

Supercal Cinnamon
The other VERY popular Supercal for 2019

Supercal Series

Salvia Unplugged So Blue
A vegetatively propagated S. farinacea. Bred for intense blue color. Height: 14-24”.

Full or part Sun

Salvia Purple and Bloom
Just like Black and Blue BUT with black and purple flowers. Grows about 24”. Loved by hummingbirds

Salvia Roman Red
Violet calyx producing cherry red flowers. Samples were VERY popular in 2019. 29-32” tall. loved by hummingbirds. Full or Part Sun

Verbena Twister Star Purple
New color in this popular series. Dead-head for best performance. Watch for thrip. Full or part Sun.

Verbena bonairiensis Little One
Just like the species but grows to about 24”. Great in annual beds and pots, but also great in the perennial border. Reseeds. Full or part Sun

Zinnia Profusion Cherry Bicolor
New color in this popular series. Mildew resistant plants. Ideal for full sun. Grows 12-14” tall. This one features cherry-red and white bicolored flowers.


Carex Everillo
Chartreuse green, long, thin arching leaf blades that turn golden yellow as they are exposed to UV light. Similar to ‘Evergold’ but with a brilliant, solid gold leaf color. Can be used in rock gardens or as spillers in containers.

Coreopsis Leading Lady Iron Lady
Begins flowering earlier than most coreopsis. Flowers never set seed. Unusually long bloom time as flowers never set seed. Tolerates heat, resists mildew, and requires no deadheading. Excellent for the border.

Dicentra Pink Diamonds
Light pink and rose bicolored flowers above blue-green leaves. Flowers late spring and throughtout summer. Thrives in FULL sun or part shade

Echinacea Orange you Awesome
Uniform in color and habit. Excellent basal branching, flower performance, large flower size, and horizontally held petals. Provides late summer interest. Pollinator magnets. During late fall to winter, seed heads serve as food for birds. Tangerine orange flowers with dark cones. Faint reddish halo near the cones. Earlier to bloom that most.

Echinacea Yellow My Darling
Same characteristics as Orange You Awesome, with rich yellow flowers with dark green foliage

Echinacea Sombrero Sangrita
Helleborus Mother of the Bride
The earliest blooming herbaceous perennials. Choose from dozens of beautiful colors…some single, some double. All prefer full or part Shade. Semi-evergreen foliage.

Helleborus Black Tie Affair     Helleborus California Dreamin   Helleborus Snowbells    Helleborus Wedding Crasher

Hemerocallis Hungry Eyes
These are a few of the new daylilies we have added. Most were selected for their multicolored patterns.

Hemerocallis Ink Heart     Hemerocallis Raspberry Eclipse     Hemerocallis Sound of My Heart

Heuchera Dolce Wildberry
Large, scalloped, incredibly glossy leaves that are an intense, rich purple color. Charcoal veins. Holds onto its purple color for much of the season.

Heuchera Timeless Night
One of many interesting coral bells additions. Best in full or part Shade. Most have evergreen foliage to provide winter interest.

Heucherella Fun & Games Eye Spy
Spectacular flowering performance. Bubblegum pink flowers appear in spring and bloom for many weeks. Blooms without vernalization, although flowering performance will benefit from a cold treatment. In spring, foliage is amber yellow with deep rose centers. As temps increase, foliage mellow to bright chartreuse green with a silver overlay. Perfect for brightening up the shade garden.

Heucherella Pink Fizz
Durable plant for sun or shade. Forms a full clump of large, deeply lobed, soft green leaves with a light silvering and heavy wine red to deep purple veining. Keeps its cool coloring and maintains its tight habit all season. Pure pink blooms early through mid summer.

Heucherella Indigo Frost
Heuchera Firecracker

Hibiscus Candy Crush
A hardy hibiscus with an upright, columnar habit. Fantastic garden presence with excellent flower coverage. Eight inch bright bubblegum pink flowers with a near-black, dark red eye produced all over its habit of rich, bright green leaves. Perfect addition to the late summer garden

Hibiscus Dark Mystery
Proven season after season to be a superior performer. Incredibly dark, wine purple foliage. White flowers with a cherry red eye and dark pink veining. Heart-shaped leaves cover the round habit. Perfect for use in large gardens or landscapes.

Hibiscus Evening Rose
Excellent combination of hot pink flowers and near black foliage. Foliage darker than most. Flower color more magenta than lavender. Eight inch puckered flowers cover the round, dense habit top to bottom.

Hibiscus Summer Carnival
Unlike other variegated varieties, displays excellent vigor, has great flower coverage, and forms a beautifully shaped habit. Seven inch dark magenta pink flowers cover the upright, rounded habit. Each leaf has a narrow cream margin.

Primula Belarina Carmen
The newest member of the Belarina Series. Double flowers in Spring. Best in full or part Shade.

Primula Belarina Amethyst Ice, Buttercup, Pink Ice, and Valentine
Salvia Moulin Rouge
Big, bold blooms in an array of chic and stylish colors. Salvia pratensis hybrids for excellent garden performance. Incredibly dark, deep rose buds burst open to huge, rosy pink flowers. The deepest shade of pink in the collection.

Sedum Boogie Woogie
Fantastic, variegated ground cover with cream margins and yellow flowers. Blooms early to mid summer.

Sedum Yellow Brick Road
Dark green leaves and red stems covered with fine-textured yellow flowers mid to late summer. Forms an impeccable habit with little to no lodging. Blooms later than summer flowering sedum and earlier than fall flowering sedum.

Spigelia Little Red Head
Very versatile – grows naturally in either sun or shade. Wildly popular among wildflower enthusiasts and highly sought after. Propagated to ensure uniformity. Requires good drainage to thrive.

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